We are a young family company, founded in 2006. We specialize in personal service.

Everyone expects good honest service and we do our best to give it. We are based in Progreso, Yucatan north of Merida on the beach. We are specializing our efforts on the coast here from Chuburna to Chabihau down east.

We also have properties in Merida and scattered all over the Yucatan Peninsula. Real Estate sales and rentals are our top priority. We have added many nice beachfront villas to our rental properties which are favorites with our snowbird friends from Canada and the northern parts of the United States. Believe me, this is a great place to spend the winter. Leave your snow shovels at home and bring your shorts and sandals. We can answer all of your questions about owning property in Mexico.

We can also provide good recommendations for plumbers, electricians, concrete workers, lawyers, notaries, and even car mechanics and painters.

I know this area well and I have watched it grow over the last 17 years. Real Estate prices are on the rise here but there are still great bargains waiting to be found. The prices are still way below those in the U.S.

The slow pace of life, beautiful weather, the wonderful Flamingo Coast, the safety and the friendly local people all combine to provide a truly beautiful place in paradise to live and enjoy the years that we have been given.

We are at your service,

Clifford G. McCaa


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